Hi there! We are the world known pole dance studio based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, and we are happy to share our passion with guests from all around the world!

Teachers in Saint-Petersburg

Vladimir Karachunov aka Volch

Pole Fit, Pole Conditioning, Acrobatics

Kristina Dumanskaya

Pole Fit, Stretching

Alina Kolegova

Pole Fit, Pole Contemporary, Pole Advanced, Pole Flex, Stretching

Ludmila Savchenko

Pole Fit, Pole Contemporary, Pole Conditioning, Stretching

Natalia Vatolina

Pole Fit, Stretching

Aleksey Siselyatin

Pole Exotic, Slutty Exotic

Ekaterina Koloskova

Pole Contemporary, Exotic Intro, Pole Fit, Stretching

Maria Platitsina

Pole Exotic, Exotic Intro

Alina Melnikova

Pole Fit, Pole Advanced, Pole Conditioning, Stretching

Anastasia Tataeva

Pole Exotic, Exotic Intro, Stretching, Pole Fit

Ekaterina Nesterova

Pole Exotic, Pole Fit, Stretching, Acrobatics