Hi there! We are the world known pole dance studio based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, and we are happy to share our passion with guests from all around the world!


Pole Intro

Introduction class for all the pole dance newbies.

Pole Fit

Our pole dance classes are divided to levels.

Pole Flex

Everything about contortion pole tricks.

Pole Advanced

Welcome to flips, spins and deadlifts.


Ok, it is time to work on your splits and back flexibility.


We learn how to move and stand still.

Pole Exotic

Call the firemen it is toooo hot here!

Pole Conditioning

It is time to do small things for big arms.


Learn how to improvise with pole.

Pole Contemporary

Let it flow

Sensual Pole

A mix of contemporary and exotic pole (no heels!).

Pole Experimental

A dance class that is not limited to any genre.